Asylum for Mubarak Bala, imprisoned for atheism in Nigeria!

Atheist Mubarak Bala is in police-custody now for 40 days, either to punish him without trial or to protect him from muslim death-squadrons. In 2010, 51% of Nigerian muslims demanded death-penalty for blasphemy.
For his atheism, Mubarak Bala was forced into a psychiatric institution and forcibly drugged in 2014.
In April 2020 he was arrested after a Facebook-post and then imprisoned without charge. He was then transferred from Kaduna to Kano, which is under Sharia-law.
Nigeria has to release Mubarak Bala now! Western states have to grant him instant asylum in case he feels the need to seek a secure home outside Nigeria now or in the future!

This is Mubaraks last Facebook-Post:

Bala spread real information about the Coronavirus and mocked religious reactions:

He also shared a reference to medieval muslim doctors – just to mock the law against autopsy in Kano:

There were attempts to shut down his Facebook-Account before:

While we heard instant and deep concern about the wellbeing of white anthropologists in Cameroon during the lockdown, there has been no solidarity with Mubarak Bala by German anthropologists or Africanists so far.

As a human and especially as a trained anthropologist, I do have to judge religion. Why do we study religion, if not to judge better?
After reading the Q’ran for at least four times in different translations, after reading scientific literature on Islam, islamic theology and the recent expanse of the salafiyya in Africa, after studying islam I do judge islam. Among the many religions mankind has created, islam ranks among the worst ten.
In solidarity with Mubarak Bala, I do judge Mohammed as the founding father of the religion of Islam. In anthropological terms he was a typical spirit medium: Suffering a personal crisis, experiencing his epiphany in a cave, meeting „an angel“, then gathering advice of „his angel“ in ways useful to his conquest. In psychological terms, Mohammed can be classified as a typical megalomaniac, starting with a deep narcissistic wound to be filled with power, manipulating followers into his sect with promises, then forcing them to stay with threats of eternal damnation and cruel punishment. His conquest started with genocidal atrocities, murder and robbery. This was his primitive accumulation, and he projected his guilt on a supposed „conspiracy of jews“ against him. Like all genocideurs he was feigning defense while attacking.

Mohammed justified his power-centered ideology with fragments of theology taken from jewry, which he then totally distorted towards his own selfish needs. There is no philosophical value left in the Q’ran. His only quality is in poetry, but it is a poetry of a numbed mind drunken with fear, addicted to consume the fear of others, of women, of heathens. The Q’ran is a message of stupidity. Any free thought is threatened with punishment both in live and after death. Liberating almost two billion muslims from this cult of death, stupidity and fear remains one of the biggest tasks enlightenment faces today. The good thing is: by relying on fear, Islam does it’s best to drive people away from religion. We just have to open our arms and embrace those people. Sadly, there is no embracing aside from a few organized humanists.

Solidarity with Mubarak Bala!

Nigeria – Erfolge im Kampf gegen Hexereianklagen gegen Kinder

Die Organisation „Stepping Stones Nigeria“ vermeldet, dass eine Distriktsregierung infolge einer Dokumentation über Kinder, die als Hexen angeklagt, misshandelt und mitunter getötet werden, ernstzunehmende Schritte gegen Hexenjäger unternimmt, die wie folgt angekündigt werden:

  • Place full legislative machinery against labelling of children as witches;

  • Advance high-powered investigation into every element of the issues involved and all allegations against persons involved in stigmatisation of children as witches;

  • Prosecute all persons found culpable of this crime of child labelling;

  • Deploy social resources for the support, comfort and enjoyment of all categories of children all over the state;
  • Possibility of closure of every organisation involved in this evil stigmatisation of children.


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